Euro Price Outlook: Weakening as German GDP Figures Unfold

Euro Price Outlook: Weakening as German GDP Figures Unfold

Analysis of EUR/USD:
Divergent signals from the euro area offer little clarity on the currency pair’s future trajectory.
Focus on the upcoming German Ifo business climate report and statements from ECB officials.
EUR/USD in a consolidation phase, awaiting influential fundamental factors for potential direction.

On Thanksgiving Day, the euro gained ground against the USD following eurozone PMI data, which, despite remaining below the pivotal 50 threshold indicating contraction from expansion, showed some improvements. The release of the European Central Bank (ECB) Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts on the same day underscored market uncertainty and emphasized a data-dependent approach, with a willingness to adjust interest rates if deemed necessary. Notably, ECB officials expressed mixed sentiments, adding an element of anticipation to today’s discussions.

In the morning, German GDP figures (refer to the economic calendar below) revealed the country’s descent into its first negative growth quarter since Q4 2022, heightening concerns about a potential recession. Given Germany’s status as the largest economy in the euro area, its economic performance often serves as a barometer for the overall health of the eurozone. The day ahead is centered around euro area data, including Germany’s Ifo Business Climate report, along with statements from ECB officials, including President Christine Lagarde. As the trading day concludes, attention shifts to US PMI figures, but lingering effects of the Thanksgiving holiday may temper volatility.

The option expiries for today indicate a significant concentration around the 1.0800 handle for EUR/USD, potentially influencing a weaker trade for the pair as the expiration approaches. Examining rate probabilities (see table below), there is minimal change, with markets perceiving current levels as the apex of the hiking cycle, and expectations for cuts emerging around June 2024.

Notable Option Expiries for EUR/USD:

  • 1.0800 (EUR 1.18 billion)
  • 1.0925 (EUR 925 million)
  • 1.1000 (EUR 759.1 million)

These expiries represent substantial volumes at key levels, suggesting the potential for price movements as the options expire. Traders should remain vigilant to market dynamics and potential shifts in sentiment associated with these significant expiries.

The daily EUR/USD chart is currently grappling with an inability to extend gains beyond the overbought zone of the Relative Strength Index (RSI), coupled with the psychological barrier at 1.0900. The recent consolidation pattern indicates a degree of caution among EUR/USD traders, particularly in anticipation of next week’s inflation data.

Key Levels:


  • 1.1000


  • 1.0900
  • 1.0800/200-day Moving Average (MA)
  • 1.0700

These levels serve as crucial markers for potential price movements. The 1.0900 level, in particular, has acted as both a psychological threshold and a zone of recent consolidation, while the 200-day MA at 1.0800 provides additional support. Traders are advised to closely monitor these levels as they navigate market developments and assess potential breakout or reversal scenarios.


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